From her multiple travels in Thailand and abroad, Princess Sirivannavari brings back a vast range of inspirations that she will reinterpret in her designs for SIRIVANNARI.

In keeping with the brand spirit and excellent craftsmanship, the various details and aspects of traditional art and culture from different civilizations are blended into a constant dialogue with the designer’s own culture and translated in each collection through a vast palette of materials, colors, embroideries, and technical savoir-faire, to bring a unique vision in style and creation.

For instance, to portray the imaginative story from creative director’s original poem, the graphic motifs for the Spring/Summer 2017 ‘Serenity’ collection incorporated Japanese wood cut print into three designs: sky, waves and stars, and peacocks, giving them a different and unique texture.

In 2022, Asian cultures, including Japanese Origami, Chinese crane embroideries, Southern batik, and tie-dye, were translated into SIRIVANNAVARI & S’Homme Spring-Summer ‘The Rise of Asian’ collections through futuristic tailoring techniques.

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